Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Need to plan a group dinner in Redwood City that is cozy, casual and Mediterranean?

The Fireplace Room is so cozy!
I ate at Mandaloun in Redwood City for a Mom's Night Out with some parents from my kid's class. The food was solid Mediterranean fare, but our placement in the restaurant was not that ideal. When I went back for a closer look, I saw some neat spaces that I missed on my first visit that would be much better for group events.

As you walk through the front door there are dining spaces to your right and to your left. These are also Mandaloun's semi-private rooms. One room has a fireplace, and one has a fountain mounted to the wall. They have glass pocket doors to serve as the wall that separates these spaces from the main dining space, and a heavy velvet, blackout curtain acts as the fourth wall to block off access from the main walkway that leads past this space and into the restaurant. These rooms are small and seat no more than 24, but are very cozy. I am ready to take my mom friends back to this joint for a second visit, and we are definitely reserving the fireplace room on a cool night (raging fire included)!

They also have a back patio that has heaters and space for up to 50 people seated. I envisioned a really fun company cocktail party with a Mediterranean buffet for dinner. This spot is a casual and inviting space for some serious after-work socializing.

They don't appear to have an onsite events coordinator, so I am unsure of how much group business they currently execute, but if you are willing to drive more of the planning and organizing, this could be a terrific spot for a company incentive event or a group dinner.

Visit EventCounselor for more ideas on places to have a Mediterranean meal with a group in Menlo Park, Mountain View, Palo Alto or Redwood City.

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