Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's the small touches that really make for a beautiful event

Just returned from my brother-in-law's wedding this past weekend and although I had a nasty cold, I was able to take enough acetaminophen to make it to the wedding ceremony and reception.  Having been the wedding coordinator at Caneel Bay Resort in the U.S. Virigin Islands, I have held weddings in gorgeous surroundings, but this weekend's event at Deception Pass State Park in Anacortes, WA was truly spectacular.

Gorgeous scenery aside, I was once again struck by the little touches that push an event to another level!  The color scheme of the entire event seemed to be based off of the bride's gorgeous Carolina Herrera bridal gown (Love Cage is the name of the dress) and it was so exquisite.  The awesome little touch here was that you couldn't tell if she bought the dress to suit the wedding location or if the beauty of this place inspired her to seek out this particular wedding dress.  It was elegant and sophisticated, but whimsical, and if you can believe it, the dress even had an "outdoorsy" touch.  It was seamless!

The colors pulled out of the dress were recreated in every slight touch and they were in concert with the surroundings.  The reception was held in an outdoor space and rustic pavilion in the state park which was a 3/4 mile walk on a spectacular cliff side path with views - well you know - incredible.  Millions of smoothed stones line the beach coves along the walk and the reception site.

The rocks are pulled off the beach and into the event by writing each guest's name in metallic paint pen and then placing the rocks on a large graphic number representing their table number.  Each table number is printed on canvas and burlap material (also within the color scheme) that would also be laid on picnic tables with the opposite colors as runners.  Stunning.

One of the bridesmaids had bought unprinted prayer flags and had written a word on each flag.  They were words of wisdom, hopes, dreams.  They were hung around the edge of one of the tents so there were likely a 100 flags hanging down.  Such a heartfelt touch and sweet gift to the bride and groom.

Paper lanterns and little white lights were the perfect touch!
The rustic structure that held a huge fireplace, which was kept well stocked throughout the night,  was lightly decorated in white strung lights along the beams of the ceilings and paper lanterns in opportune places.  The fireplace had a huge mantle which held odd shaped glass candle holders and mason jars filled with white candles of all different sizes and shapes.  Not fussy at all, but so pretty.

The bride also had a Seattle purse maker  Crystalyn Kae design pleated clutch purses for her bridesmaid gifts and as a gift for her mother and mother-in-law.  The purses were beautiful and each purse was slightly different in that the colors were customized.  I grabbed her card (out of my mother-in-law's purse) and I intend to get one of her purses as soon as possible!  Just beautiful!

Cannot leave this wedding post without mentioning the bride and groom's invitation - very unique idea that I thought rocked - they mailed out a cd of music that they hand selected that arrived in a brown (likely on 100% recycled paper) casing with their wedding invitation printed on the front. Super cool!

What seemed to work for this event was that the bride and groom kept their theme in mind with every decision that was made.  It also seemed as if the people around them that were helping to make decisions kept their wishes in mind too.   Some of the most stylish parties are the ones where the little things get executed with the same thoughtfulness that goes into the big decisions.

Those things are hard to think of when planning an event yourself, so visit to see some resources and ideas for your next event.

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  1. Every detail was well thought out - and it came together beautifully. As a parent - another detail I loved - the kids tables at the reception. They had paper covering the tables, and provided crayons for drawing and also modeling clay. They had a mix of kids foods at the kids tables - grapes, watermelon, carrots/veggies, small sandwiches with the crusts cut off etc. The kids LOVED having their own tables, and were very protective - no adults allowed!!!