Saturday, July 24, 2010

Joan Fried, 1914 - 2010

My grandmother was the ultimate party planner and social connector. She always knew someone who knew someone wherever you were going.   She never forgot an occasion and usually insisted on celebrating it. She passed away today and I am thinking of all the events and parties that she threw.  She loved to get together and socialize and I admired that in her.  She taught me so much from just watching her go. I am so grateful.

She entertained with fine china and linens, always.  She laid out a table days before the party and placed a tablecloth over the table to keep it all perfect. She would awaken early the day of the event to start the cooking and preparations.  Her bar was well stocked.  The coffee and condiments ready. Everything well thought out, every time.

She had a small space in her condo, but she had all the right pieces to make room for her entertaining when necessary.  She was ready for company at a moment's notice and had her bridge group over days before she entered the hospital for the final time.  I am sure she had some snacks out on the table early that morning in anticipation of their arrival.

Her critical eye was impeccable when it came to throwing a party - her attention to detail was masterful.  She never, ever served anything out of the bottle at the table and the salt and pepper were married - always traveling together.  The table was set for breakfast and she always served it in a special way.  Eggs in the nest were the grandkid favorite and they were served beautifully.  Her fridge always stocked with items you liked.  She was the consummate hostess.

Every party I plan will have a bit of her style in it.  Every family dinner I arrange and prepare for will have a bit of her attention to detail that will make you feel special.  Every time I hear of someone headed to a town in which I know someone special, I am going to recommend they get in touch and have a drink.  Every time I see a white orchid, I will think of her.   Their beauty, their elegance, and their exactness speaks to who she was and will always find a spot in my design plans.

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  1. Beautiful words and photo. She was one of a kind.

    And anyone who knows you or has attended an event you have planned - knows that you have that same level of preparation and attention to detail. Always making the attendees or guest of honor feel so special and well taken care of.