Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Need help with an Onsite Event Coordinator Dilemma!!

I have met so many great people that organize events for their respective venues, I wondered how to best incorporate that piece of the puzzle into my reviews for EventCounselor.

Surely my clients would like to have my opinion on such an important matter? What should the protocol be when I run across a really bad point person for a property? Do I call that out too?

If you are planning your own event then the decision where to have the event should equally consider the location and the person coordinating onsite. You can have the most beautiful location ever seen, but if the onsite coordinator isn't a professional, you can bet your event will be less than imagined, and maybe worse. The onsite coordinator is your central support person in pulling off your party or business meeting. The same standards and interview process should be applied were you hiring someone to do the planning for you. The onsite event coordinator's skills are directly related to the success of your event.

So, back to the dilemma...when I come across a venue that has poor service, poor food quality or facilities, I simply don't review them for this blog, nor do I include them in my offerings to my clients. However, in the area of onsite event coordination, I haven't been consistent when I have had a negative experience. How can I incorporate that information in a helpful way, without introducing the type of negativity that accompanies a bad review? It is one thing to omit a property, but another to call out their problems.

People rely on me to be their eyes and ears at venues. The onsite coordinator weighs so heavily into this part of the decision, I shudder to think what will happen when a reader takes my advice on a property, only to find that I have omitted that the events coordinator isn't helpful or communicative or has poor follow through. Will I lose credibility  you bet!

I need to figure out how to include a review of the onsite event coordinator when reviewing the venue itself.  Can you help me? Please let me know below how you would solve my Onsite Event Coordinator Dilemma!

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