Monday, October 4, 2010

Sushi workshops and killer tatami rooms in Palo Alto

In case you haven't eaten at Fuki Sushi in Palo Alto, it is not "Americanized" Japanese food. The food at this restaurant is authentic, organic, sustainable where possible and delicious! The decor of the restaurant is pretty, and the tatami rooms are amazing. The restaurant has tucked-away sections that can host many types of events, social and business. Surprisingly (to me anyway), the events hosted are mostly business, not social.

The Sun Room includes the sushi bar area, and groups often use this room when there are A/V requirements. The sushi bar can be converted into a buffet station, and it can accommodate up to 35 people seated.

The main dining room has built-in booths and sectioned areas for smaller tables on the floor. All of the partitions are removable, and the entire space can be reconfigured to host a larger group of 60 people seated.

Tatami room table set for 8 people
The tatami rooms are off the hook! The rooms can accommodate from 4 to 20 people. Some of the rooms offer a great deal of privacy, which makes them the perfect place for an important conversation. The tatami rooms are beautifully decorated and would be a very special birthday dinner spot, but only guests 12 and older are allowed to dine in these spaces.

The restaurant also offers classes and workshops on sushi making and sake tasting. Many companies take advantage of the hands-on experience for team building exercises and incentive programs. Fuki Sushi can host a workshop at an offsite location for groups of 4 to 350 people! The restaurant even teams with De Anza College to offer classes to the masses.

Fuki Sushi seems to go the extra mile when working on events, and they have had experience delivering service to some very large companies and very large groups. Yet, when you are dining at the restaurant, you can also imagine a very elegant and delicious meal in honor of something special. Delivering service to both ends of the spectrum of event types is a depth of service delivery that does impress me. They serve gluten-free soy sauce upon request, which also makes them my new favorite sushi restaurant!

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