Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gravity Wine Bar got the food and wine right

I have been to the Gravity Wine Bar in Palo Alto three times now. I really like it. I haven't made it upstairs yet to see the restaurant space (twice it has been booked with private parties), but the bar downstairs has ample tables and bar seating such that I have been accommodated each time without a wait. Gravity Wine Bar is a part of a restaurant group that includes Reposado in Palo Alto, Palo Alto Creamery, and Scratch in Mountain View, all of which I consider yummy in their own rights.

The food is upscale, the drinks are tasty and the prices reflect that. The decor in the bar space is intimate, but the sound level is often loud. The wine list and collective wine knowledge is one of the best elements of this restaurant, and I have always had delicious options offered at Gravity Wine Bar. The waiters have always offered up a wine pairing for whatever has been ordered.

I have tried food from each category on the menu, and I especially loved the cheese plate, the bruschetta and the risotto in the appetizer category. The burger and sausage entrees were both very good. You won't be disappointed with the chocolate pot de creme to finish your meal. This is a great place for a drink with a bestie or an intimate meal with your significant other. Did you like the Gravity Wine Bar? Please leave a comment below so I can hear your thoughts on this restaurant.

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