Friday, March 16, 2012

Looking for that perfect spot to celebrate? Choose Station 1 in Woodside!

I checked out Station 1 in Woodside for my birthday dinner. It was absolutely delicious! Kristi Borrone and Zu Tarazi are parents at my kids' school, and super nice people. Guess what? Their restaurant rocks too!

Four of my besties and I hit up the restaurant on a Tuesday night. Despite it being Tuesday, the place was full. Station 1 offers a 3 course, prix fixe menu priced at $54 per person. I eat out every week to sample the local restuarants and to scope out event spaces for EventCounselor, and I found their pricing on the prix fixe menu to be on average with my weekly spending. Falling in the average spending category, this meal was a great bang for your buck! I would characterize Station 1 as upscale dining prepared in a very inviting way.

The meal was gourmet, but cozy. The restuarant is also very warmly decorated, and it featured the collage artworks of local artist Michael Paulker. It was a fantastic backdrop to their food and service!

Our meal started with a round of Proseco (compliments of our hosts -- thank you!!) and an amuse bouche. The prix fixe menu offered five appetizers, four entree, and three dessert choices.

I chose the "Farm Egg" appetizer which consisted brioche piled with beech mushrooms and then topped with one egg over easy and piece of maple bacon on top. I opened the egg over the brioche and the mushroom and everything came together perfectly tied together with the saltiness and sweetness of the bacon.

My second course was the "Lamb Loin and Shoulder" which came with hedgehog mushrooms, onion and cranberry. So. Well. Done.

My team finished off our meal by sharing five desserts. Two cheese plates, two chocolate cremiux, and a vanilla panna cotta with a citrus granite on top. Delish!

The service was amazing, and the wine list complemented our meal very well. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants a very special meal with outstanding food and service to match, in a very sweet atmosphere with tons of character and tiny touches.

Have you had dinner at Station 1? Let me know if you liked it as much as I did!

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