Sunday, March 11, 2012

SliderBarCafe in Palo Alto is perfect for a family meal

My family hopped into the SliderBarCafe on University Avenue yesterday for a late lunch. We are a six person family so it can be a small challenge to get tables at times, but not yesterday -- we were seated immediately. The smaller portion format was perfection for our young family. We sampled sliders, mini Belgian waffles, a basket of fries and side salads. All was delicious!

The mini Belgian waffles were the preferred meal for our vegetarian children (we have two) and the two non-vegetarians ate sliders. The mini waffles tasted more like a "pretzel" than a Belgian waffle per my kid, but they ate them happily (each child even meat eaters ate at least one). We also ordered the Classic American, the Solona Chili Southwestern Chicken, the Bacon and Cheddar and the Mediterranean Lamb sliders. They were yummy.

We rounded out our order with a basket of their "Belgian" fries - no complaints. You can choose three different dipping sauces from the 11 they offer, and between regular or garlic fries. The side salad was awesome  fresh, green and purple lettuces with cherry tomatoes and cucumbers.

Their hours of operation include a 10 am opening (they have breakfast sliders too!) and 10 or 11 pm closing, so it is nice for a late bite. We loved it and will be back!

Have you eaten at the SliderBarCafe? Please let me know your thoughts on this joint!

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