Monday, August 16, 2010

Cascal and Tapas and Friends!

I originally stumbled upon Cascal with my bestie in a mad dash on a weeknight away from our regular duties.  We chose the restaurant because the decor was so cute and they were slammed.  

Cascal serves tapas which are Spanish small plates of appetizers and snacks. This style of eating is so fun with groups because you get to try bites of so many different dishes and their tapas menu has a variety of options. If not tapas, their entrees are nicely portioned. Basically you won't leave hungry. They also offer a gluten free menu which always kicks it up a notch for me.

The outdoor patio seating is lovely, under heat lamps for cooler nights.  The inside decor is warm, rich, and lively to match the food.  Nicely done!

Cascal limits the size groups they will serve on Friday and Saturday nights when they also host live music.  Plan your group events on their slower nights when they can accommodate it more easily.

They book small cocktail receptions in their outdoor patio space with limited food and beverage service. On a warm summer evening (remember those?) it would be really fun. One other option for event entertaining with Cascal is offsite catering.  They will send one of their chefs to your party location and he will prepare dishes off of the menu. Very doable and very styley!

Highly recommend a reservation for your next group dinner at Cascal or go to for more ideas on great locations for group meals in Menlo Park, Mountain View, Palo Alto and Redwood City.

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