Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Try The Fish Market for Group Dinners - they are so FLEXIBLE!

I could hardly believe it myself!  I have dined at The Fish Market in Palo Alto so many times and enjoyed my meal there every time.  I had no idea how great it is to have a group meal there too!

After speaking with the General Manager (also the group dining guru), I was amazed to find out what is possible and what isn't, and guess what, not much that isn't possible here!  Their "back room", which sadly doesn't have doors to make it more of a private dining experience, does have the ability to accommodate up to 80 people seated for an event.  All the dividers that create "sections" in the space for normal diners can be removed and most table configurations can be accommodated!

Your event menu will be customized from The Fish Market's ginormous daily menu. Menus can be crafted with a low per person price or you can present a menu to your guests that looks like the actual daily menus with limited choices from each section. Basically, anything you can think of for a menu offering can likely be arranged. The food is dependable and fresh. They do fish very well and their cheesy garlic bread is outstanding!

They also create platters of food from their menu that are available for pick up.  The pricing varies and a small platter charge is applied (less than $9/platter to cover condiments and the like) but you can have a platter of anything off the menu.  Some things translate better than others, but even their hot food can be served at home or the office by popping in the oven and rewarming to temperature. I especially like the idea of their smoked fishes on a platter for any occasion.  The Fish Market smokes their own fish and it is so tasty, and works in some capacity for any meal - a spotlight for your brunch table to hors d'oeuvres for your dinner spread.

They don't allow restaurant or cocktail lounge buyouts, but they can put together a large sit down meal with a cocktail reception component too. My favorite find in this space is the front patio. Although it does face the El Camino, the sound isn't too overwhelming and is often a lovely, sunny spot. The perfect start to an event would be a cocktail reception on the front patio and then move into the group space at the back of the restaurant for the meal portion.

If you have an office luncheon or a need to bring a party platter to an event, The Fish Market is a great choice.
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