Monday, August 30, 2010

The Rengstorff House

I stopped by Rengstorff House a couple of weeks ago to take a closer look and as I drove up, I was reminded of a day almost 13 years ago when two of my closest friends were married there. On that sunny, August day I remember admiring the lush grounds overlooking the water and an awesome, historic house, and luckily those attributes have not changed.

Rengstorff House, located at Shoreline Park, is Mountain View's oldest house (1864!). It was lovingly restored for years by the Friends of Rengstorff House and moved from its original location in 1991. The Victorian refurbishment of the interior is so beautiful that if you haven't been on one of their free public tours  go now! Gorgeous, really. There is a piano from the original home that is tuned and can be played during an event. So cool!

The Rengstorff House has updated the kitchen since my previous visit, but it is a smaller kitchen so there are some restrictions to having a wedding and reception there. My friend chose the Rengstorff House because it was inexpensive (still is!), beautiful, and located close to where they wanted to have the reception (offsite).

You can also rent the space inside the house for dinner parties or meetings. I would love to attend a dinner party there which is catered and themed. It would be such a cool fundraising item for a school auction. Note to self.

Visit if you would like more ideas on how to utilize this amazing location for your next meeting, wedding or dinner party.

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